Friday, March 9, 2012

A Leap Year in Review

If we're friends on facebook, it's likely that you've seen all of this.  But, since we are still in the introductory phase of this blog, I thought it appropriate to catch you up first on our adventures over the past year. 

Bryce and I officially started dating on February 29, 2008.  So, I had been eagerly waiting to see what we would do to celebrate this year since it was our first anniversary that we could celebrate on Leap Day.  Bryce planned the whole date and it turned out to be the most perfect, thoughtful, and romantic date I could have imagined. 

We went on a mini-trip to Chapel Hill, making our first stop at Granville Towers.  I was so confused at first until Bryce pulled an index card from his pocket with a hint.  What followed was a delightful walk around campus guided by these incredible index card reminders of some of the most fun things that we did during our time at Carolina.  (Note:  these are just the highlights)

Day 0:  February 29, 2008:  Outside of my old dorm room -- the place Bryce asked me to be his girlfriend.

Granville South 2705

Day 17:  March 17, 2008:  Red Robin -- our first dinner date.  We've been here for every anniversary since.

Day 243:  October 29, 2008:  The Intramural Fields -- This was our eight month celebration and Bryce had a soccer game.  He surprised me at the game by wearing a jersey with the number 8 and "Bryce and ML" on the name spot.  What a lovey. 

We spent so many fun nights here playing midnight soccer, or me watching Jungle Juice (Bryce's IM) team play soccer and football.

Day 746:  March 16, 2010:  Carmichael Auditorium:  We watched our last home game as students at UNC here.  Although we got to go to Detroit and watch the National Championship in 2009 (Day 402), the 2010 season was more short lived in the NIT Tournament.  Regardless, love my Tar Heels. 

Day -15:  February 14, 2008:  Gardner Hall Room 106 -- After an elaborate Valentine's Day Banquet for all of the girls on our hall, Bryce asked me to be his Valentine.  I was SO excited, I forgot everything I had studied about my econ quiz that was immediately following.  I scored a 20/100 on that exam.  I still don't remember what it was about, but I'm thankful it was only 2% of my grade.  I got my Valentine though. 

And right there is where it happened:  the lowest grade of my college career. 

Day 436:  May 10, 2009 & Day 800:  May 9, 2010:  Kenan Stadium -- Our graduation dates!  (Yes, Bryce graduated twice in four years.)

You can't see because it is so dark, but this is where we got engaged!

Day 1,234:  July 17, 2011:  South Building steps -- This is where Bryce proposed to me.  That story is equally as charming, and available on our wedding website:  Bryce and ML

Jerseys.  We've taken this picture every year for the past four years.  :)

 Basically, I am marrying the most incredible man. 

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