Monday, April 9, 2012

Wedding Shoes and Dance Lessons

I finally found my wedding shoes!!!  This little blog post just cannot do justice to how excited I am.  I have gone back and forth between colored shoes and white shoes, finding heels that will be comfortable all night, and not too tall for my dress, and ones that I feel comfortable paying for -- although, I'll confess, I was willing to pay for the right pair of heels -- for months. 

I decided to use some of my time at home this past weekend to get some shopping done for the wedding and shoes were pretty close to the top of my list.  I am so happy to report that not only did I find a charming pair of heels, but I also found them on clearance for just $15.   The pair they had was black though, so I asked the sales lady to check in other stores so that I might get them when I came back to Raleigh.  Apparently, the Rocky Mount store was the only one that had them listed on clearance.  They were full price everywhere else.  So with that, I special ordered the right pair to the Rocky Mount store.   I'll take that 70% off anyday of the week. 
Also, Bryce and I started dance lessons last week.  We are officially learning to shag and have a wonderful little class to help.  Even though our wedding entertainment won't be all beach music, you can count on a nice little rendition of Carolina Girls and I am excited the Bryce and I will be able to dance along.  I am so excited for us to be learning something new together.  Neither of us have taken dance classes before, so this is definitely a new adventure for us.  I can't wait to show off our sweet dance moves in just 82 days! 

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