Monday, December 3, 2012

About this whole blogging thing...

I am just not very good at keeping up with this thing.  I've been doing some work on it though (notice the new, more fun background and layout), and I'm hoping to at least do updates every once and a while with the fun things we are doing these days. 

The truth is, we do really fun things.  We have a really great family and we have really great friends.  I just forget to write about all of it. 

So there it is, I know I've made the promise a hundred at least three times in this blog about being more consistent with it, so I'm not making any new promises here.  But after some fun adventures lately, and the Thanksgiving holiday we just had and Christmas and New Year coming up, the blog is on my mind.  So hopefully, I'll be posting more often. 

We'll see...

Until next time,

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