Friday, August 10, 2012

We are Still Alive...and now We're MARRIED!

My goodness what a wild ride we've been on!  I haven't blogged in over 2 months, but don't you worry your little head -- I am constantly thinking of things that need to be updated on the blog.  The problem with blogging that I seem to have though, is that when I have time to blog, there's not much to blog about and when there are things to blog about, I'm so busy doing those things, I don't have time to blog about them. 

But at the end of the day, I started this blog leading up to the wedding mostly hoping to use it after we were married to update our friends, family, and anyone else who just finds our lives interesting enough to read about on the new adventures that we are on as we have embarked on this forever journey called marriage. 

So without further introduction, this is what we've been up to:

Traveled to Emerald Isle with the most wonderful girls for my bachelorette weekend:

Married the man of my dreams:

Celebrated for a week in Cancun:

Came home to our [not so well put together] first apartment together:

Started a new job. 

Cooked our first meal together as marrieds:

Went whitewater rafting (my first time!) and ropes climbing with the family: (There no photographic evidence of this.)

And finally, we have really started making this place a home and are settling into our new lives as husband and wife more and more everyday.  I will always tell anyone that I have truly truly been blessed beyond measure.  Married life is really more wonderful than anything I could have ever imagined.  I'm blessed by B every single day and it is my highest honor here on Earth to be his bride. 

Every single one of the above deserves a full post and I am making every effort to make that happen in the days and weeks to come. 

So, if you were wondering -- we are alive...and well...just busy. 

Until next time,