Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick trip to Target

We're not extreme couponers (though secretly, I wish I could figure it out).  But every now and then, Bryce finds deals that are just too good to turn down.   Lucky for me, he is really good at math and figuring out all of the discounts and has the patience to find the matching coupons.  

One of our favorite places to practice our deal-searches is Target.  They recently had coupons that gave you a $10 gift card for spending $50 or more (20% off) at the same time as several other great deals where you got $5 gift cards for buying multiples of various items.  So this is what we got: 

Bryce's cart:
All the loot: dish soap, toilet bowl cleaner (2), body wash (3), deodorant (3), mio drink flavor (3), and gel inserts for heels (2).  We already had $15 in gift cards from a similar trip before and manufacuter's coupons for everything in the cart. So the total came up to $14.46 and we left with $25 in gift cards.

ML's cart: 
All the loot:  Sorry and Scrabble board games, body wash (2), deodorant (2), dental floss (2), face wash (2), shampoo and conditioner, and a box of q-tips.  I was just behind Bryce in line so he gave me his gift cards.  (The dental floss was actually on sale for $0.97, but we had a $1/1 coupon which meant they helped get us to our $50 total for the gift card, but were really just free.)  This total came up to just $13.38 after using the gift cards from Bryce and we left with an additional $20 in gift cards.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.  I'm also happy to report that we have played both Scrabble and Sorry with friends since the purchase and really enjoyed them both.  (I was skeptical about was way more fun than I remember it though.)

Finding deals like this are so much fun and such an adventure.  What a treat to come home with so many useful things without having to spend much at all.  (really, being paid - in gift cards - to shop)I continue to be so thankful for a husband that easily figures these things out.

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