Thursday, February 21, 2013

I don't have my camera this week, but the internet still works

One of the things I am growing to like more and more with the blog is the "Reading List" feature that appears on my dashboard.  It's like a little newsfeed of any of the blogs that I choose to follow and always displays the most recent posts.

While I haven't been active at all with this blog this week (I don't have my camera this week...), I have seen some pretty interesting videos, and articles around the internet so I figured I'd share those with you.  So enjoy this.  If you haven't already seen/read these things, they're things I was glad I read this week:

UNC-Duke is America's best rivalry by FOX Sports.  Anytime UNC plays Duke is a fun day for me.  I love all the talk that goes on between the students and fans and I love watching the game.  Obviously, this past game didn't end how I would have liked, but it gave me a little bit more hope for our re-match in March.  This is absolutely the best rivalry in college-sports.  Hands down.

The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day from Forbes.  They say that "Leadership is learned behavior that becomes unconscious and automatic over time."  This is a good wake up call for anyone in or hoping to be in a leadership role, no matter the capacity.

A Year From Now You May Wish You Had Started Today by Lifehacker.  Bryce sent this to me.  It's true that the days go by slowly, but the weeks fly by.  I [and I suspect lots of people] get hung up so often on the day to day errands and to-do lists that we put off things that are important, big goals, or personal hobbies.  What a great reminder to start something.  Next year will be here quickly.

Happy reading.  Get ready for some pictures in the next post.  Even I'm sad to look at the whole page of the blog and not see any recent pics.  Coming soon.  Promise.

*Although, I think I made it pretty clear above, all the articles linked are not related to me.  Credit for each belongs to the authors and sites on which they are originally posted.  

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