Monday, March 11, 2013

Packing up and moving out

Okay, so mostly packing up, but still.  This is CLOSING WEEK!  Our little apartment is slowly being put back into boxes and getting ready to be moved to our new home.  Packing is not always the most fun thing, but it makes me feel really productive to be getting it done.

Guest room being taken over by boxes

One of the perks of our apartment is the very spacious outdoor storage closet that allowed us to keep all of our boxes from the move here during our stay so we are able to reuse all of them.  It has been really nice to have them out of sight (and mind) during our time here, and I am so thankful that they are all still in great shape and able to be used for this move.  I expect they'll be making a trip to the recycle bin soon though.  (Unless any one needs some moving boxes, then you should let us know!)

 Shelves slowly being cleared out

One of a few that are completely empty!!

It's been tough a little bit, knowing the best order to pack in, especially when you're still living somewhere and trying to avoid the living out of a suit case/box thing.  But, the closer we get, the happier and happier I become about having another cabinet or closet packed away.  

And one that's not related to packing, but is delicious so I'll post it anyway.  

This was the delicious cake and other sweet treats that one of our [very kind and hospitable] friends had on Saturday night to watch the UNC vs. Duke game.  And while the game was a little less than enjoyable, the company was not.  This doubled as a surprise party for one of our friends, which made it double the fun.

This week is a busy one, finishing up the packing and beginning the move.  I plan to take lots of pictures though, so be sure to keep an eye out.

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