Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Paint, scaffolding, freak out and calm down

We gave ourselves 2 weekends and the week between to get everything moved into the house and get most of the painting done.  Ultimately, we decided to paint most of the rooms in the house (and I think we'll eventually get to the others in the months to come).  I planned to start painting on our closing day so that we would have a head start before my parents got there on Saturday, but I ended up being too scared to start and wasn't really sure what to do.  So, hubs and I took off all the plate covers for the electrical outlets and light switches and moved some of the things over from our apartment.  

Thank goodness for the help of our families who helped us during this time to paint and move furniture.  I am happy to report that while things are still in boxes around our house, we are fully moved in and I feel confident painting the rest on my own when we have a little bit of down time.  

Daddy and Sister taking down the pear decals in the kitchen

 Hubs getting the curtain rods down

Priming the master bedroom

Work in the kitchen

Miss in the dining room (aka UNC room, per the blue paint)

The next part happened the second weekend.  We have 2 story walls in the entryway, the hallway by the stairs, and on two sides of the living room.  I went back and forth over whether or not to paint them.  I really wanted them to be a warm, beige color, but was so nervous about how to actually get them painted.  And, I loved the beautiful green in the entryway, but it needed touching up and I had no idea what the original color was and with the dining room and kitchen different colors, I felt like I was in a crayon box.  

My dad reassured me that we would be able to paint these walls and I spent the whole week hoping he was right.  Then, he said that he thought we would need to rent scaffolding.  He told me this about 3 days before he was planning to come up.  Now, I've seen scaffolding before but I've never been to a hardware store and rented it (actually, still haven't.  The boys did that.)  And as silly as it sounds now, I had a major meltdown.  Like a real, I could recognize the crazy, stress out.  My dad even asked me how hubs was taking it when I was venting to him on the phone.  Of course, hubs was taking it fine (just calmly listening to me stress out) and rightly so.  The scaffolding came and went without a hitch.  My brother was in town for his spring break and was able to help out.  Having 3 boys around was a great blessing as we were able to make a lot of progress and get the two story walls done.  

 The boys and their scaffolding

And after all of that, I feel like I could paint any of the regular, four walled, one story rooms any free weekend.  I'm actually really looking forward to it.  

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