Thursday, May 9, 2013

All aboard: first train trip!!

Last week I got to go on my first ever train ride.  My mom tells me I've ridden a train once as a part of a field trip in elementary school, but unless she's talking about the trolley around the park, I don't remember it.

The whole thing started because a couple of friends called Monday night to see if I could visit on Friday, and after a quick double check of my calendar, I realized it was one of the only weekends free for the next couple of months. (Thank you, wedding season.)  I usually wouldn't think of the train, but after hearing a talk from the Federal Railroad Administrator earlier in the year, and talking to one of my friends who occasionally travels via rail, I thought it might be worth a shot.  Only 2.5 hours, less than gas, no rush hour traffic, and wi-fi internet.  How in the world could I go wrong?  I'd leave after work and get there just before the sun went down all the way.  

And then the train was delayed 45 minutes before arriving at the station, which caused us to have to stop on the tracks an additional 45 minutes before the first stop to wait for another train to pass.  So the trip down was almost double and it was totally dark by the time I arrived.  

I was the first stop on the ride back home though, and made it home in just 2.5 hours and got to see all the stops in daylight this time, definitely making the trip worth it.  

It was fun visiting friends, too.  We got to go to a trampoline place called Sky High Sports which was lots of fun.  I hadn't played dodgeball in so long.  Little kids definitely have the advantage in that game...

At Sky High 

 How we looked the majority of the time:  

And in the spirit of new experiences, we got to go inside a swat team van.  This bad boy was stopped at a Chick-fil-a with the Sheriff's car.  Not sure what the occasion was, but they were giving "tours" of the van, so we definitely stopped.  

Sometimes the easiest way to plan something is just to pick a day and not think about it.  I said that I should come visit back in January, and here is May when I finally got around to it.  Of course all it took was a simple nudging to say, "Hey, come visit" and that was that.  

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