Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy birthday, Miss

April 19th was Miss' birthday.  Miss is my oldest little sister and I was really happy that her birthday was on a Friday this year.  B already had plans to hang out with friends and my parents had plans to visit my other siblings at college for the Spring Football game and a mother/daughter event.  Miss was originally going to go with them, but couldn't because of other meetings she had to attend.

So we got to have a girls' night.  Miss is my first friend and I'm really blessed to have her as my sister. She teaches second grade, and has such a great gift for it.  I'm really proud of all of her hard work and was so thankful for some time with just the two of us.

Miss getting her nails done

 Our nails afterwards :)

The birthday cake
My parents got the cake, but we certainly enjoyed it.  

Note:  My sister's name is not really "Miss".  I just call her Miss because she is a teacher and because we used to read Junie B. Jones books together and Miss is the name of the teacher.  It's a sister thing.  

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