Monday, May 6, 2013

House update: kitchen and living room

We continue to work on making our house a home.  Some of you have asked for updates, and I realize I've been pretty quiet about the progress.  Painting is really the big work that we've done around here.  Although I'm really excited to begin the decorating process, I'm really trying to wait until we get all the rooms painted how I want them and then to focus on one room at a time.

That said, the living room and kitchen are finally in a place where I'm happy to share the updates.  These are the places we spend most of our time, so I'm happy to have these pretty close to finished.  If you missed the before pictures, you can see them here.

Kitchen and dining area

 Living room

The living room is not the first room on my "to decorate" list, but I'm really thinking about the ways to decorate the two story wall above the fire place and the wall that mirrors it behind the love seat.  I don't mind the walls being bare, but am thinking of possible design ideas to not have them bare.  I think this is going to take lots of trial and error with drawings in MS Paint before I actually ever hang anything (or buy anything) for the walls.  Until then, our college pictures on the mantle will suffice.  

Stay tuned for more updates in the weeks to come.  The master bedroom and bath are coming next (and that's the first room on the list for decorating).  

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