Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Re-cap

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy Memorial Day with friends or family doing something relaxing and not job-related.  I also hope that you took some time to be thankful for what Memorial Day is about and to remember and be grateful for all of our military - serving and having served.

My youngest sister actually called on Sunday night to see if we were coming to grill out with my parents and siblings on Monday.  But instead, the hubs and I just relaxed at home.  I had big plans of running lots of saved up errands, working on the house, and watching the Bachelorette.  (I'm also trying to soak in these couple of weekends that we are able to have at home before Wedding Spree 2013.  Look out for the first wedding of the year on Friday.)  

Even though we stayed at home, it really felt like a  vacation.  On Sunday night, I remember thinking, "this is great; I don't have to go in to the office tomorrow."  But like it always does, the work week came right back bright and early on Tuesday morning.  Until next time, weekend.  

I'm excited to share some of the weekend projects with you.  Enjoy the little snapshot below.  Full posts to come!

Mod podge monogram
(My favorite project of the weekend)

Recycled Valentine's Day decor 
Spoiler alert:  it's another monogram project...

Painting the trim around the house

I also managed to do some babysitting, get to the grocery store, drop clothes off at the dry cleaners, and stop by the ATM.  What a great blessing to have a small vacation!  Tuesday morning definitely came too soon.  

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