Friday, May 31, 2013

Wedding Spree 2013: Part 1

And the summer weddings have officially begun!  The hubs and I have a whopping 4 weddings to attend this summer and while I always look forward to weddings, that makes for one busy couple of months.  Bring on the friends, dresses, weather, and good music.  It's finally wedding season 2013!

This summer, both of our college roommates are getting married.  We both were randomly assigned roommates our first year in college and really lucked out.  We kept the same roommates (and added others along the way) for all four years of college and we are excited for both of them as they get ready to begin married life with the respective significant others.

My college roommate was first.  You may remember her from this post from her birthday last year.  She and her now husband chose to have a wedding close to their homes on the beach and although the weather forecast was iffy all week, it turned out to be a beautiful day! It was my first beach wedding and I loved it.  I really love weddings and had lots of fun getting together with our friends and celebrating Brittany's big day!

Friends and family
Love bugs

Hand on the hip!

College friends

The bride rocking it on the guitar

The Mr. & Mrs.  

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