Thursday, June 27, 2013

Anniversary Series: The Honeymoon

The morning after the wedding began bright and early as we had to get to the airport for a 6-something AM flight to our honeymoon in Cancun!  By far the best vacation of my life.  We knew that we wanted to stay somewhere all-inclusive and thought we might like to be somewhere in the Caribbean, although we weren't too picky as long as it was near the beach and warm.  Initially, we found a deal for our resort on groupon, but after some research to find airline tickets, hubs found a better deal for the same resort with airfare included from expedia, so we picked that one.

Our resort from the road
GR Solaris Cancun
 The resort had different themed shows every night.  I was expecting something kind of cheesy at first, but after going the first night, we made sure not to miss any of them.  They had a Mexican themed night, a circus night, an American night for the 4th of July, and a Caribbean night.  

One of our favorite things that we did was to visit some of the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. We traveled with  a tour group that picked us up at the resort and then made stops at the other nearby resorts before heading to the ruins.  It was about an hour and a half bus trip, which we totally didn't mind.  It was a welcome opportunity to catch some zzzz's.

The tour itself was so much fun.  We really enjoyed being outdoors and getting to learn more about places that we'd read about in school, but now were seeing first hand.

Yes, they're dancing with bottles on their heads.  
 Kayaking on the 4th of July 

 On the beach

And then we went out to eat.  And our rental car (the white one) got parked in like this:  

Yep, that happened.  

And then we came back to reality and began unpacking our apartment.  I've said so many times after this trip that almost all the vacations I've been on, I've been ready to come home by the end of it.  I'm thankful for the trip, but excited to get back home.  This trip was absolutely different though.  I was in between jobs, so there was no extra work piling up on my desk and I knew that coming back home meant going to work full-time (and I like my job a lot.  I just also like vacation.).  In Cancun, it was just the hubs and me.  I didn't have to cook and we didn't have to think about where we would eat.  There were always fun activities going on that we could participate in if we wanted and because it was out honeymoon, we were really off the grid for the week.  And we didn't even have to set an alarm clock.

Best trip.  

Annnnd, I'm signing off for the weekend to celebrate.  

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