Monday, June 24, 2013

Anniversary Series: How We Met

It's our anniversary week!  And since I've enjoyed so much sharing the weddings of our friends with you all and because I never got around to actually sharing pictures or stories about our own wedding with you, this week is going to be a week chock-full of love and mushiness.  In thinking about how I would do the little ML & B wedding re-cap anniversary series, I figured the best and easiest way would be to stick to the basics.  So, for this week, there will be a special post each day with bits and pieces about us - how we met, our proposal, our wedding, our honeymoon and our life in the past year.  (Ok, some of this might spill over into next week, but that's ok, right?)

I'm copying most of this from our wedding website that we made when we were engaged to let our family and friends know all the details about our big day, but I might add some other fun things, too.  We'll see.

Regardless, I love the gift that marriage is and I am absolutely beside myself to share that gift with the best hubs in the world.

So for starters, we'll go way back with how we met.  

We met at UNC in 2007.  We both lived in Granville Towers South on the 7th floor.  This was by far the best year on the best hall.  We spent so many hours that year sitting in the hallway, on top of the trashcans, in the study lounge, pretty much everywhere just talking.  I would say that this was the time where we really got to know one another, but really, the majority of this time was spent with me talking and telling B about myself, trying to learn about him.  He always answered my questions with more questions though, so I didn't really learn a lot.  I did figure out from observation though, that he was very fun and an excellent listener.  (He never forgot anything I told him.) I also learned that he was an excellent friend.  He was constantly doing nice things for people, or organizing events for people to enjoy.

May 2008
I kind of thought I might like him and my friends were convinced that I did.  It all came to a head though after a road trip with our hall to visit one of our families when a couple of my girl friends took a picture that I printed of hubs and me and gave it to him with a suggestion that maybe there would be more pictures in the future.  Maybe Valentine's Day?  And long story short, I was so embarrassed.  So so so embarrassed like middle school embarrassed.  I avoided him at all costs.  He even sat at our table one night in the cafeteria and I promptly got up and had to go.

That only lasted for a week though and on Valentine's Day, he asked me to be his Valentine after an elaborate and quite charming "banquet" that he organized to serve all of the girls on our hall.  Everyone was smitten, but I got to be the Valentine.   

B asked me to be his girlfriend on February 29, 2008 and I said yes. 

And of course, the rest is history.
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