Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Anniversary Series: The Proposal

After we graduated from UNC, hubs moved away from our college town and I moved on to grad school.  It wasn't unusual for Bryce  to come up for weekend visits, especially since his brother lived close to me (it was his senior year of college), so he always had a place to stay.  Earlier in the week, Bryce made an appointment for us at a local nail salon, so we went after I got off of work. (This was on account of me mentioning recently that I wanted to get my nails done, but didn't have any time that summer to go do it.)  So, he got a massage and watched TV while I was having my nails done.  (I was actually thinking that this would be a good idea so that we could do it again before he proposed and I wouldn't be expecting anything, little did I know that this time was it.)

Sunday, we went to Summit Church and Top of the Hill for lunch to watch the Women's World Cup.    Neither of us had been to Chapel Hill in way too long, and thought that it would be fun to go back for the afternoon.  After lunch we went walking on campus and stopped at my FAVORITE place...the back steps of South Building overlooking the quad toward Wilson Library.  (If you've never stopped on those steps before, you totally should on account of that campus is beautiful and it is such a WOW, I WENT TO SCHOOL HERE, HOW LUCKY AM I? and MAN, COLLEGE WAS SO FUN moment.)  It was just as beautiful as it always is and of course empty on account of it being summer.

When we stopped, Bryce asked me if I knew what today was.  I didn't, but he reminded me that on that day we had been dating for 1,234 days.  He proceeded to sing the 1234 chorus from Plain White T's and then he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him.   

I had been pretty adamant about not asking him when he would propose and just trusting in him that he would pick the perfect time, so I was completely not expecting anything.  But, I always just knew that when it did happen, I would have a major freak out.  You know, tears, jumping, laughing, the works.  None of that happened though, and when he asked I just said very calmly, "Yep, I will marry you."  And that was that.  (We went to the Melting Pot afterwards and had a delicious dinner and that was also so fun!)

All of the pictures are thanks to Bryce's college roommate who was hiding nearby.  I had no idea he took these until a couple months after the fact.  

Be sure to check out our "official" engagement pictures that were also taken on campus (because where else would they be taken?!) by some great friends here.   

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  1. This is so cute! Happy anniversary week to you guys! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up with us today, Mary Leigh! What a sweet proposal. I know it means so much more to know how much he planned for that special day!!

    1. Thank YOU for hosting the party; I love to share our story but love to read others as well!!

  3. Such a great story! So funny how you thought it would be great to do before he proposed : ) Super cute!

    1. Thanks, Jenn! And even then, I was totally surprised!

  4. What an awesome surprise! My fiance and I went to the same university, but didn't date until after college. If we had dated while we were in school I would have loved for my proposal to be on campus, it's such a cute idea. So jealous that you have "secret" photos of your proposal!

  5. Thanks, Ashley! I was totally surprised by those pictures, but I am so thankful to have them, too! I loved reading your story as well; what a happy surprise!!


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