Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Anniversary Series: The Wedding

And on Day 1,583 of dating, and after an 11 month engagement, we got married on June 30, 2012.  This was by far, the best day of my life to this point.  I was very intentional about making sure that our wedding day would be as low stress, fun, and memorable as possible and I was very happy that our preparation paid off. 

During the planning process, we were both working, living in different cities, and I was finishing graduate school and so, like I usually do, I quickly made a game plan.  That was, get all the big things (BUDGET, date, venues, photographer, videographer, cater, DJ and wedding dress) done as quickly as possible.  This was mostly to delay the stress, but also to be sure that when the holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's) arrived, we would be able to celebrate them with our families without worrying too much about wedding things and then pick back up with the wedding planning after the start of 2012.  

And that's exactly what we did. 

One thing that really helped us out was having a budget and identifying our priorities.  We knew that we didn't want to spend a ton of money on our wedding, but we wanted to have as many friends as possible there, we wanted good food, and we wanted good pictures with which to remember the day and ultimately, we wanted to create a day that was special for us and for all of our guests.  We decided that all the rest was details and while we worked hard to make the details just right, I wasn't overly concerned about them being perfect.  Dollar Tree sells cylinder vases in cases of 24?  Ok, we're doing vases with floating candles for centerpieces.  That was pretty much my mindset for the details.  We also were fortunate enough to be able to re-use some of the decor from friends' weddings and find some sweet little votive holders from Craigslist that were all incorporated into the celebration. 

And the planning really wasn't that bad.  I think the last week was pretty stressful, but thankfully we had a great day-of coordinator who helped us think about the whole day (rehearsal and wedding day) and spell out in itinerary form what should happen when and who should be where when.  This was probably one of the most helpful things to do and something that I would recommend to any bride.  (Maybe one day I'll post an example of the itinerary as a little wedding advice.) It allowed me (I really like to be in control) to let go and have confidence that the people that were helping me knew exactly what I wanted and they were equipped to make it happen as easily as possible.  

Our wonderful wedding party 

One of my all-time favorite pictures of these guys

 First dance

 Our cake

Our wonderful family

I've heard more than one person say that their wedding day is kind of a blur.  I remember it all.  We had such a great time celebrating with our families and friends.  We were surrounded by love and were so thankful to be with so many people that we cared about.  My dad actually read a list of some of the places people had come from to celebrate with us: California, Alaska, Florida, Oregon, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina and probably other places that I'm forgetting.  It was our honor to have your presence on our special day.  

A short video re-cap of the whole day lives back in the blog here:  Our Wedding in Just 4 Minutes

Looking back on that day, I wish I could relive the reception over and over again.  We were truly blessed beyond measure and continue to be so thankful for the wonderful gift that God gives to us in marriage.  

This year has gone by so quickly and I can't wait for all of the others.  

Lucky for me, the hubs has planned our whole anniversary weekend and I'm in the dark as to what our plans are.  I'm ok with that, just happy to celebrate!  

Love love love.

All of our pictures were taken by Brian Fleming Photography.  Other sweet moments were captured by a good friend, Lauren, and can be found on her blog here
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