Monday, June 10, 2013

Music Monday

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  As I mentioned last week, Wedding Spree 2013 picked back up this past weekend.  We had such a great time celebrating the marriage of great friends and I'm excited to share that with you just as soon as I pull the pictures of the camera.

Until then though, I thought I'd share some of what's on my radio these days.  Summer time means country music (and cookouts and water and sunshine and friends and flowers and all other things good) in my book and these are some of the songs that make me turn the radio up these days.

Scotty McCreery, See you tonight

Parmalee, this one!

Jake Owen, Barefoot blue jean night

Darius Rucker, Wagon Wheel...I know, I know, it can't beat the original.  I don't think that means it can't be good though.  And when it comes on my radio, I'm singing along.  

Matthew West, Hello my name is...This isn't country, but I'm rocking to it when it's on.  This song is such a great reminder of my identity being in Christ and not in any other hat or label that I where.  This is a relief and a great responsibility.  

Click play, turn it up, and repeat.  

You're welcome.  

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