Monday, June 3, 2013

Stopping to smell the roses

Happy Monday, and happy June!  I'm not sure where in the world May got off to, but I'm not complaining about June.  We just wrapped up our last weekend before Wedding Spree 2013 resumes...3 weddings in a row coming up, followed by our first married anniversary!!

We've been so focused on the inside of the house since we bought it, that I decided early on that the goal for our yard in this first year would be to maintain the status quo.  There is certainly some cleaning up to do, but I'd like to see what everything is and how things bloom during the different seasons.  I have been so happy to find these beautiful rose bushes along the inside of the fence around the backyard and in the front.  Until they started blooming, I had no idea what they were and would have probably uprooted them had I not decided to give all the plants a try.  I've never actually tried out my green thumb with outdoor plants before, so I'm hoping that I can keep these as beautiful as the previous owners.  

Bright pink roses

Lovely coral ones 

This seems to be a hydrangea, but I'm not sure until it blooms

The flowers don't look too shabby in the house either!  This made me really glad that I saved old mason jars and other little glass jars when we have them.  They are the perfect size for these fresh flowers and are awesome since they already live up in my cabinets.  

And thinking about flowers so much recently, I did actually stop on the way to my car after work recently to smell some of the roses blooming along the sidewalk.  Most of the time, it's the small things.  

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