Monday, June 17, 2013

That's very trimming on you...

Get it?  Like when someone says something is very slimming on you?  Except this post is about trim...ok, maybe it's only funny in my head.

Anyway, happy Monday!  We are back from Part 3 of Wedding Spree 2013 last weekend (coupled with a trip home to visit my parents and sisters!) and I'm excited to pull those fun pictures of the old camera and get them up here.  

In the meantime though, let's talk about a surprisingly time consuming and exceptionally tedious project:  painting trim (baseboards, door frames, and window frames).  Yuck.  Since we've painted most of the rooms and hallways in the house (and we're coming for you, other rooms), and since the house was pretty well lived in and loved by a family with kids, there are all kinds of markings on the trim:  paint from us, old paint from the previous owners, random marks and scratches, etc.  And while they didn't bother me on most days, I just think that if we're making this house a home we should put fresh paint on those too.  

So we broke out the painter's tape and started doing this:

Spoiler alert:  If you plan on doing a house full of trim, you need to buy A LOT of painter's tape.  We easily used 5 rolls and aren't done yet.  

Once everything was taped up, we were able to start painting.  I did sand some of the excess paint off to make the boards smooth before painting.
We also used this sweet little brush by Wooster.  I was a little hesitant to buy it at first thinking that it might be kind of gimmicky being so small and having a flexible handle.  It turned out to be just the thing for the trim.  It was so comfortable to hold and so easy to work with.  I definitely recommend it!

And then finally after lots of hours of sweat and hard work, the downstairs is [almost] finished.  We still have to do the kitchen.  We were also able to do the master bathroom and most of our bedroom, so I'm glad of that.  Not particularly looking forward to the rest of the job, but will be oh so happy to have it done.  So, if you're interested in a painting volunteer project let a girl know. 

Some lessons learned:
1. Plan to use a lot of painter's tape.  A whole lot.
2. Be sure to put the painter's tape on straight.  It matters.  
3. Press the painter's tape all the way down.  Any air pockets near the wall will allow the semi-gloss to run. 
4. Pull the tape off CAREFULLY and after the paint is fully dry.  Just trust me on this one...

We're making our little house a home and we love it more an more each day.  

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  1. This looks awesome! Visiting from Blog Hop Sunday!

    1. Thanks, Tracy. I'm still working on the stair rails now...What a process!


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