Friday, July 19, 2013

DIY Wedding Gift

This is one of my favorite projects.  By favorite projects, I mean, I've made one for myself and loved it so much, I've made it as a gift twice.  It's fun to do and I especially like that you can customize it for the bride and groom using their wedding invitation.

The inspiration for this project came about 3 years ago, when I saw a magazine cut-out paper doll craft somewhere online.  My friends were into crafting, and one of them saw this, and made one for herself.  I decided to take the idea, and add my little spin on it.  The original idea looked something like this.  

I decided that I would make not only the girl one, but would add the guy one too.  I love the classic black and white and the handmade style of this project.  

3 across picture frame
2 pieces of 8.5x11 card stock (one black and one white)
Magazine with plenty of text
Paper cutter (or scissors)
Glue stick

Start out with a 3 across frame.  I always use the horizontal one and I always pick 5x7 picture openings.  Not too big, not too small.  

I like the double mat on this with the regular white and then the extra black around the pictures.  

I used my trusty paper cutter by Fiskars to cut white card stock into 5x7 rectangles.  Be sure to save the scraps to use for the details later.  

Draw your patterns on scrap paper.  I do this by hand.  You definitely do NOT have to be an artist to draw these silhouettes.  For evidence of that, see below.  The important thing at this step is to be sure that you draw the patterns to fit in the 5x7 frame.   

Cut the full patterns out and then cut each into sections like so: 

Use each section to trace onto the text of magazine articles.  Once you've cut each piece out of magazine articles, you'll use a glue stick to paste the sections back together to form each of the "people".  You can alternate the direction of the text when you trace the sections onto the magazine paper.  

And last, I use scrap black and white card stock paper to add things like belts, collars, a tie, cuffs, etc.  You can be creative with this and add as few or as many accessories as you'd like.  

Aren't they cute?!

Once you've got both people done, simply insert them into the frame.  You can be creative with the center frame.  For mine [below] I've framed a bible verse and for the gift I most recently made, I framed the couples' wedding invitation.  (For this verse and others that have been designed into fun pieces of art check out Amie's verse project!)

The whole project takes about 30-60 minutes and is a little tedious, but really fun and rewarding to make.  I'm thinking of adding our wedding invitation to the center of ours' now, because I like the recent one I made so much.

Happy Friday!!

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  1. This is such a cute and meaningful wedding gift! The verse from is a great reminder for couples, too! Thanks for linking up to Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop!

    1. Oh, thank you! It is such a fun one to make, too! And sure thing, I look forward to your party every week. :)


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