Friday, July 5, 2013

Wedding Spree 2013: Part 4

We wrapped up our summer wedding spree a few weekends ago and I'm happy to report that it was quite the finale. In Part 1 of this little series, I mentioned that both of our college roommates were getting married this summer and it was quite fitting the wedding spree both started and ended with our roommates' weddings.

And finally, we had the great privilege of seeing Kendall and Kryssi get married.  K & K met on April 4, 2009 and began dating after a chemistry fraternity event that same night.  The chemistry between them was just undeniable (couldn't help it)

Anyway, since then, we have had the opportunity to see them grow together and are so happy that they are joining the married club.  They are some of our greatest friends and we loved celebrating with them.

They had their rehearsal dinner at a life sciences museum and I immediately fell in love with the creative centerpieces:

White tulips and toy dinosaurs that Kendall had as a kid.  I thought they were so simple and elegant and still fun, meaningful, and fitting given the museum venue.

Cutting the rehearsal cake

Of course I had to get a picture with my lovey
 For the wedding and reception, Kendall and Kryssi asked that guests be "unplugged" -- not to take pictures, use phones, etc.  They wanted everyone to simply enjoy the evening without distractions.  And let me just say, we certainly enjoyed the evening.  Every aspect of the wedding was so fitting to those two.  From Kryssi's entrance to Swahili music to the guest tables being labeled by countries that they have visited (complete with pictures and stories!!).  The dance floor stayed packed the entire night and we had a blast. 

Friends before and after the event

One of the most special parts of the whole event was to see how genuinely happy everyone was.  The bride and groom were both glowing during the ceremony and through the whole event.  They gave a real heart felt thank you to all of the guests...and I almost cried, they were so sweet.  The families are basically best friends and it was so fun to be in a room of so many people who loved each other.

Kendall and Kryssi, we wish you all the best and count ourselves blessed to be on this life journey with you!

In case you missed one, the other weddings from this summer are here, here, and here.
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