Friday, August 9, 2013

Birthday celebration

My parents have had their hands full for a long time.  There are 4 of us kids and only 5 years total between all of us.  And in July, the last of us left our teenage years.  [And I think Mama and Daddy sang the hallelujah chorus when they laid down that night.]  

Brittany and Jeffery are twins, and they've really done everything together.  When Jeffery played rec league football, Brittany was on the sidelines with the cheerleading team.  And when he played in high school, she was cheering then too.  

They were in all the same classes through middle school (and had lots of the same ones in high school) and for a while, they went to the same college.  

And so it was weird to not celebrate on the same day for their birthday.  Brittany is home for the summer, so we celebrated on their birthday.  Jeffery was camping, so we just celebrated his last weekend.  

The parties were fun nonetheless.  Now that we've moved away from my parents' house, it's rare that we're all in the same place on weekends other than holidays.  But when we are, I try to soak in every bit of it.  

No matter when we celebrate though, my mom always makes sure to make separate cakes for them since they have separate tastes and to be sure to celebrate each of them individually.  And since J's favorite cake is strawberry, his is always pink.  

These two are fun.  I'm proud of all the things they've accomplished and am excited to see all the things that God has in store for them in the future.  

Happy birthday, again, guys!  I'm proud to be your sister.  

Love you!!

And the boy brought his dog!  He's just 3 months old, can you believe it?  What a sweet puppy!!

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