Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bonus thrift tip: AWESOME back to school sales

For the second week in a row, I'm adding an extra post to the regularly scheduled MWF posts.  But, I am just so eager to share this bonus thrift tip and since it's happening right now, I didn't want to wait for it to post.  That said, have you seen some of the awesome school supply sales happening now?!

Like these pocket folders that were regularly $0.79 from Office Depot, that are on sale for just $0.01 this week through August 17, limit 10.  I'm not 100% sure if it's across all locations, or only specific ones, but if there's an Office Depot near you, I'd recommend checking it out to be sure.  Staples also has penny deals going on these days, too but there is a minimum purchase of $5 (this week, 1 subject notebooks are $0.01 limit 2 with a $5 purchase).

We don't have kids yet so we don't have those school supply lists floating around, but I am the daughter of educators and one of my sisters is a teacher, so I enjoy thinking of ways to easily help out their classrooms and local schools around us.

And for just $0.11 you can provide 10 folders to a local school or classroom.  I just think for so little, it's totally worth it to grab some of these things to give away.  (Or if you have kids to store up for them to use!!)

So, maybe these awesome deals aren't everywhere, but you should definitely check them out just to be sure!

What great back to school sales have you seen around lately?  Do you have any tips for saving on back to school supplies?

Stay thrifty!

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  1. Okay, buying anything for a penny these days pretty much blows me away!

  2. I know; I was astonished! Who knows if they'll do any other steals like this one, but I will certainly be checking in!


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