Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm a list person

I like to make lists.  I make a list every morning at work of things that need to be done and before I go home, I usually re-make the list and add things I need to remember the next day.  At home, we make lists of meals for the week, and shopping lists before we go out.

Lists keep me focused and are a good way for me to remember all the moving pieces floating around. And, I really like to check things off the list.  And for some reason, I don't write down a lot of my personal things or home things that I want to do.  I blame not having an agenda (I used to keep everything in my agenda) this year, but the fact is, I just haven't taken the time to write a lot of the goals down.

So in the spirit of list-making and of accountability, and because I was recently re-inspired by Abby over at Just a Girl and Her Blog, I've made a quick list of things I'd like to get done in August.  (Abby also has a free printable that helps get things organized, which is super helpful.  The hubs recently challenged me to write down the things I do during the day to help see how effectively, or not, I spend my time and it's really helped me to be more productive in getting things done.)


1. Have a regular quiet time.  It's too easy to push this one to the side, when in actuality time spent alone in prayer and in the Word have proven to be the single most beneficial thing I can do in a day.

2. Exercise at least 3 times per week.  I've recently started going to Zumba once a week with a good friend and have been reminded how badly my body needs exercise to stay fit (and to sleep well...)

3.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.  I think this is self explanatory.  I'm not as productive late at night anyway, and I really should just go to bed earlier.

4. Finish painting the trim and baseboards in the upstairs hallway, the master bedroom, and kitchen.  You may remember when I posted about painting trim here.  It's not a particularly fun project and not one that I can really ever get in the mood for, but a project part done, is also not something I enjoy and I hope to just suck it up and get it finished.  If I can accomplish this, I'll have the stairs, office, and guest bedroom, but I'm ok with leaving that (especially considering the office and guest bedroom need to be completely re-painted, so it doesn't make much sense to deal with the trim now anyway.

5.  Try at least 1 new recipe (and hopefully 2).  But I'll count it a success if I try at least 1.  :)  Do you ever feel like you get in a cooking rut?  You make those things that are just easy, simple, and don't require a "recipe".  Well, I'm there often during the week and want to start actually using those delish recipes that I've pinned.

6.  Continue to post at least 3 times/week.  I've been writing this blog for a little more than a year, but have only recently begun to post regularly and make improvements around here.  Every now and then I might post more than 3 times/week, but I've found that it's better to have a regular posting schedule and MWF has been working the past couple of months.  I'm hoping to keep this up.

7.  Find a cleaning routine for our home.  There are some chores I don't mind, and others that I just really really don't enjoy.  Bathrooms, anyone?  And this this post from Ruth over at Living Well Spending Less really challenged me to think about the house work in increments and doing small cleaning things each day to keep the house clean, instead of waiting for it to get dirty.  I've been doing some of these things, and hope to find a regular routine for our home.

And I think that's a sufficient list for this month (especially considering we're about a week in at this point.)

And, I'm getting a this normal in the summer?!?

What are your goals this month?  Do you write your goals down in one place?

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