Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sweet Savannah Vacation

Here's a little bonus Tuesday post for this week to finish up the re-cap of our vacation week.  Yesterday, I posted all about our cruise to The Bahamas and what a fun cruise it was!

Today I'm posting about the second part of our vacation in which we stopped in Savannah, Georgia for a couple of days before finally making it back home.  Neither of us had been before and I think it's safe to say, after our visit, we'll be back again.

We ended up getting to Savannah at about 2:00 in the afternoon.  We booked tickets for the trolley (we used Old Town Trolley and would definitely recommend it!), which allowed us to have a narrated tour of the city as well as the ability to park in the city and to hop on and off at various stops around the Historic District.

Trolley at City Market.

The historic district in Savannah is one of the most beautiful places.  It is so full of history (as any historic district should be, right?), big, beautiful homes, wonderful park-like squares all around, and lots of great food and friendly people.  

We did the full hour and a half tour on Thursday afternoon before heading to the hotel to get ready for dinner and on Friday, we mostly walked around the city, using the trolley to get into and out of the district.  

Of course, the weather was just beautiful.  

Old Streets. 

Old Town Trolley also has discount tickets to several of the historic homes and museums in Savannah and while I would have loved to visit them all, since we only had really one full day, we opted to just go to one specific place.  

We ended up going to Massie Heritage Center, which was Savannah's first public school, which was opened in 1856, 10 years before there was a state charter for public education.  The school operated as a school until 1976.  There was a replica classroom as well as an architecture exhibit and a Native American exhibit.  

My grandmother, both of my parents, and one of my sisters are teachers so I loved seeing all the old school things.  

I was so happy that we decided to stop in Savannah on our trip back.  I had been looking forward to it, and I was not disappointed.  

Then on Friday late afternoon, we finished the trip back home and our vacation was suddenly just a little memory.  But what a good memory it is.  :)  

I am so thankful that we were able to get some time off and enjoy a wonderfully relaxing and fun vacation.  

Savannah, we'll see you again.  

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  1. I love Savannah!! Check out Tybee Island the next time you go- it's a nice place to visit as well, and very close to Savannah :) www.davenportdiy.com


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