Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blogger Q & A: Thrift for Today edition

Happy Wednesday, friends!  It is snowy/icy here today and I want to be in a hoodie all day long.  Since that won't happen though, I'm excited to share a fun little Q&A that I was recently tagged in by Lindsay over at Wedding Rings to Teething Rings.  I used to love answering these sorts of Q&A surveys when I was a teenager and it always makes me smile to get to answer a few questions here on the blog!  And so without further introduction - here is the [somewhat] official Blogger Q&A - a la Thrift for Today

When did you first start blogging and why? 
I started blogging back in 2012 when the hubs and I were engaged.  I thought I would share all sorts of fun wedding things and great stories about the things that we did together.  And I did that for just a little bit before totally revamping, re-branding, and re-committing to the blog in 2013.  

Have you had any past online presence?
Only a little.  The regular social media outlets, but nothing much other than that.  Actually, I did have a xanga blog account for a small bit of time years and years ago.  

When did you become serious about your blog? 
Define serious.  Perhaps mid-2013.  I've learned so much since then and have really started to become more consistent here and more thoughtful about opportunities to meet other bloggers and promoting Thrift for Today.  On the other hand, the blog is still a hobby for me, so I blog when I can and don't when I can't.  

What was your first blog post? 
 My first blog post was way back in March of 2012.  See here.  :)

What have been your biggest challenges blogging? 
 Just learning the ins and outs, really.  Continually thinking of content and getting it written well.  Remembering to take photos.  Probably the biggest thing for me though is learning that it doesn't have to be perfect.  It's important not to get caught up in it.  Turning the computer off is important a lot of the times and some of those times mean that I just can't always blog as much as I'd like to.  
What is the most rewarding thing about blogging? 
I have really enjoyed having a place to document some of the fun things we do, the projects we complete, and the yummy treats that we eat.  And it doesn't hurt that I've met some fun blogging friends and have awesome readers that follow along!

What is the most discouraging thing about blogging? 
Not knowing html or coding at all as well as I would like.  And when you write what you think is a really fun post or post a great project, that doesn't get nearly as many views as you expected.  It's sometimes the posts that you least expect that will be the most popular.  

What is your lasting inspiration or motivation? 
As far as blogging goes, I think really just not wanting to quit.  I enjoy sharing with others the things that I enjoy and I look forward to continuing that.  

What is your blogging dirty little secret? 
Not sure about this one...

What is your current goal as a blogger? 
To become more coordinated and organized with outreach and collaboration with other bloggers and to create a stronger social media plan for the blog.  

Have you learned or become passionate about anything through blogging that caught you by surprise? 
Just blogging in general actually.  I have really grown to enjoy it - there is always something to learn and new, fun blogs to read!  

Thanks, Lindsay!  Now I'm tagging Ericka at This Crazy Thing Called Life, and Abby at Always Abby!


  1. First time here. Found your blog from the Grow your blog link up. This was the perfect post for me to stumble upon to get to know you and your blog. I did something similar on mine.

  2. I like your blogging goals :) I think they're straightforward and to the point - rather like mine! I have no great aspirations, but I do want to continue because I quite like the outlet. I love your blog and will definitely keep reading it :)

  3. Thanks for tagging me :) I loved reading your responses (and reading your first ever blog post) and can't wait to answer them myself!

  4. Two things:

    1. XANGA. Turns out my account has been deleted. I would LOVE to go back and see the crap that I wrote.

    2. Forgetting to take pictures is my worst habit! This will definitely keep you honest.


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