Monday, January 6, 2014

Weekend review and exciting things on the horizon

This is a story about a post that almost wasn't.  And not because we didn't have fun this weekend, but instead because our weekend was packed full of awesome things that I hope to share with you really soon.  We have really hit the ground running this year and I am feeling super motivated to get things done around here!

I've got several posts in progress (which include 2 fun and easy recipes), and planned to do lots of blog work over the weekend.  You know like respond to all of your lovely comments, catch up on my blog feed, finish editing and schedule a few posts, maybe even send out a tweet every now and then.  And instead we did this:

Now to some, this might not look that interesting.  But let me tell you it is super!  We cleaned out our bedroom because went shopping for and bought new furniture that is being delivered today, perhaps even while you're reading this!  We bought a new mattress set shortly after moving, but the rest of our furniture (with the exception of a bookcase I bought from Target in college) was either from Craiglist, hand me downs from friends, or from beside the dump and then repainted.  And so I am pumped to have things that match go into our room!  (I'm also open for suggestions on a more fun and better looking curtain rod for that window.  It comes so close to the wall on the left that I'm at a loss for the best rod to put there.  So all you who are good at things like that, feel free to help a sister out...)

And in case you missed the "before" shot of our bedroom, let's take a little trip down memory lane to the once salmon-ish pink that the room once was:  

We also got to relax and watch Netflix, attend an international festival with friends, have a double date movie night, make and order our 2014 family calendar (I know it's late, but I wanted to wait for a great deal and I got a coupon code for a free 8X11 one from Shutterfly which meant that I only had to pay shipping, so I'm good with that), and visit with some of our family.  

And then just when I was about to call it a night, I thought it would be nice to at least stop by and say hey over here.  :)

I'm excited to get to decorating this space and making our bedroom more cozy soon!!  

(I'm also excited to start working on full house updates to share in a couple of months when we celebrate our anniversary of's hard to believe we're almost there!)

Stay tuned!  


  1. Yay for new bedroom furniture! I'm planning to do some mini-makeovers in our house this year fun!

  2. Yay for all your new furniture! I am so happy for you! I bet it will look awesome!


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