Monday, February 10, 2014

Design ideas, anyone?

Hey there, hi there, I hope you had a super fun weekend!  Our weekend was full of a little of this and a little of that and was actually kind of a whirlwind.  

In the midst of it all though, we were able to get our TV mounted, which is super exciting...except for the part about the cords hanging down and the old table being way too short to work in the space now.  See photographic evidence below: 

And so, I think that there are covers that can help conceal cords once I have a chance to do a little online research (I'm right about this, right?!)  And I'm brainstorming about what new piece of furniture should be added to the space.  As much as I love to have a well decorated space, I can be pretty indecisive when it comes to actually decorating.  So, here the space sits.

A friend suggested perhaps an L-shaped bookshelf for the corner, and I think that might have some promise.  I've also thought about cubby style bookshelves that would go adjacent to the fireplace, which might also have some merit.  Perhaps we could do floating shelves or build something ourselves?  So on and so forth.

I just don't know and I'm always so nervous to spend lots of money on something without being sure and loving it.

So, I'm calling out to you, my dear and lovely readers to see if you have any ideas, style suggestions, or just basic design tips.  Please please send them my way.

I should also add that I really like having the TV up higher, hubs really likes it on the wall, and we don't want to move it above the fireplace.

I should also add that between 32 and 40 inches seems like the best height for whatever piece of furniture we choose.

Don't be shy.  Please leave your comments here or shoot me an email at  Not even kidding a little bit here.  I want all your ideas.

In other news, we also got a new mirror for the powder room, a couple of new throw pillows, hung two shelves in the upstairs guest bathroom, and I did all the laundry over the weekend.  Things are really rocking and rolling around here.


  1. My mother in law has her tv mounted above her fire place and she bought some type of little box cover thing for her cords. She painted it the same color as the wall, so it's barely noticeable. Not sure what those boxes are called or where you get them, but I bet a place like Best Buy might know!

  2. Love this post! What a great way to get some design ideas! Yes, there are contraptions you can buy to cover it, and as Ericka suggested, you can then paint the cover to match the wall. Until you get that, you can always put a large plant or vase on the cabinet to conceal it. Hope that helps! Btw...stopping by from "That's Fresh Friday" link up.
    Michell @Prowess and Pearls

  3. I really don't have any idea how to help you with this. My friend is just starting up a design blog and she has great ideas. I think I will send her a link and see what she thinks. Thanks for sharing this with us at Four Seasons Blog Hop. I am also going to share this on Google Plus to see if anyone has any great ideas.

  4. The thing you hide the cord with is called wiremold. You don't mention what is on the other side of the wall, but it might be better, aesthetically, to cut a hole behind the TV and feed the wires through to the other side and put the wiremold there, just a thought.


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