Friday, February 14, 2014

Five on Friday

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Is it Friday already?  This has been such a crazy week with the major snow storm that hit on Wednesday.  I went in to work Wednesday morning fully expecting to leave at the first sight of snow.  And when I saw the snow, I started packing up.  And then within just a few minutes, it was sticking to the ground and roads and by the time I got out to my car and onto the road, I was in the middle of a nice, stuck, gridlock.  It literally took me about 2 hours to get less than 3 miles down the road.  It was gross and cold and yucky.

But it's Friday, so I'm excited to be sharing my top 5 of this week with y'all!

1.  I'm just happy to be warm and safe.

2.  These blue throw pillows.  Hubs found them on the clearance shelf in Target.  I wan't sure how they would work, but I absolutely LOVE how they compliment the others that we have!  

3. This new oval mirror.  Also a clearance find, but what a great update it brings into the downstairs powder room!

4.  Updated advertising options for the blog.  I recently added additional advertising opportunities to the blog.  Some of them are even free of charge.  Be sure to check out the Contact & Advertising page for more information!

5.  A good and timely reminder.
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  1. ooh love those pillows! I need to remember to check Target sales more often!

  2. I don't like Valentine :D Oh you had snow. We haven't had snow yet and don't think we"ll have some this winter :(

  3. Love those pillows. So cute and eye-catching. The mirror looks good. Have a happy Valentine's day!!!

  4. Glad you made it home safe during the snow storm! And I love those Target pillows!

  5. Those pillows are a fantastic accent - always love a surprise find in the sale section! Hope you're having a fab weekend :)

  6. Amen to number 5!! Love that! Glory to God!!
    Just started following along on GFC, girlie! YAY!

  7. Your husband did a great job picking out those pillows! I want so e for my house... Hoping the target store near me will have them :)


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