Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A year later: Home Tour 2014 - Living Room

Happy Wednesday!  A month ago today, we celebrated a year of being in our home.  If you've been around here since then, you might remember our closing day here.

In so many ways, it's wild to think that it's already been a year, and in other ways, it feels like, of course, it's been a year - we've done so much here!

We've made so many changes around here that I'd like to share the updates with you in a little home tour series focusing on different parts of the house for each segment.  Today's post features the living room since that's the room we spend so much of our time and do most of our entertaining (in conjunction with the kitchen of course.)

Before we get started though, let's take a minute to remember what this space used to look like, shall we?

We really loved all of the natural light from those windows and that little alcove to the right by the garage entry (yes, the garage enters into the living room...muddy shoes stay outside, please and thanks.)

And I didn't even hate the green paint (it is actually my favorite color green), but not knowing what the actual color was, and because it was faded in spots where things had been hanging on the wall, we decided to go with a neutral color for this room, and used Olympic's Vanilla Brandy.  Here's where we are today.  

Looking in from the kitchen
From the entry hallway

I was able to move an old dresser (that I scored for free from Craigslist) down to the garage entry, and am able to use that to display lots of fun photos and hide away all kinds of seasonal decor and craft supplies.  

And of course I hung a mini gallery wall above it.  Forgive the pulls on the dresser.  I just didn't want to invest in pretty pulls when I got it, not knowing how long I would keep it...and now I'm kind of used to the macaroni shaped handles.  :)

I actually think this would be the perfect place to add some beautiful built-ins since it's a part of the living room, but still kind of out of the way.  Having the dresser there for me confirms that the space would work for that, but I'm not ready to commit.  

Some of the updates that I know we want to add in here include (but are not limited to): 

 - Choose, buy, and install a ceiling fan.  You can really see it from these photos, but the ceiling is really high in this room and opens to the upstairs.  I love how open it is, but we also only have 1 thermostat for the house, so I'd love to have a ceiling fan to help cool the space and to provide overhead lighting.  

- Paint the fireplace cover black.  I want to get some high heat spray paint to cover the brass on the fireplace.    

- Expand the gallery wall.  Since I won't be installing built-ins in the near future, I want to continue working on this little space of a gallery wall.  

- Update the mantel for spring/summer.  I love the sticks, but it's looking a little bit drab for this season.  

- Do something (anything) decorative with the cubbies.  Right now, they are completely functional.  They store things.  And not in a fashionable, beautiful way.  In a movies should be stacked here and the xbox should go here kind of way.  I don't hate it, but it could definitely be improved.  

- Hide the cords from the TV.  

- Curtains?  Not sure if it will make the space feel smaller or more luxe.  Can't decide, but welcome your thoughts.  If we go with curtains, I'm not sure what style best will probably be a guess, check, and revise took 3 separate trips to Target to decide on cream curtains(plain, cream curtains at that) for the bedroom.

We really love this space.  I have had a ball making it ours and a place that we call home.  We've already made lots of wonderful memories here and I look forward to many many more.  

Next week, we'll do the kitchen and the rest of the downstairs.  Then we'll move upstairs.  Can't wait.  Stay tuned.  


  1. Love your living room! It looks so warm and cozy :) I like the color you put on the walls. We ajust got new (well new to us, but used) couches that look a lot like yours, and I'm having a hard time decided what color pillows to get to match them, so I think I'll be taking a little inspiration from your couch pillows. Thanks for sharing your living room--I love home tours!


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