Monday, April 28, 2014

A Year Later: Home Tour 2014 - Master Bedroom

In case you weren't around when we first shared the photos of our home, I think it suffices to say that the previous owners really liked to paint.  They liked bright colors that are different in every room.  And the master bedroom was no exception.  

This was one of the spaces that I knew right away had to be re-done before we moved our furniture in.  

It's pink.  And there is a darker pink accent wall.  It's fun, but I wanted more calm.

We did really love the vaulted ceiling in this room though.  The high ceilings make the space feel so much bigger and more roomy.  But the pink had to go.  So we went with a nice, cool, relaxing green (Olympic's Weeping Willow).  

We actually do have a bed frame.  Except that we bought our furniture from a used furniture store.  And the previous owners must have been smokers.  Really heavy smokers.  So we quickly moved that out to our garage where the smell isn't noticeable and have begun the process of cleaning it and  are hopeful that we'll be able to save it.  Until then though...we're using the factory metal frame and it works just fine.  I've been more hesitant to decorate the walls though until we get the bed back in there.  

Fortunately, the bed didn't officially "match" the dresser and chest of drawers and nightstand, so we were able to pretty quickly start using those.  I can't even tell they were used before.  I love the color of the wood so much.  

And since we're in the master bedroom, it seems worth it to take a trip down memory lane to the master bathroom.  In purple.  Or lavender, but still.  

For this space, we went with the same paint color as the living room to make this space more neutral and not so contrasted with the green we had just added in the bedroom.  

Then we added these little shelves and a towel hook by the bathtub.  And I'm tempted to create another little mini-gallery here, too.  

I really love that these spaces are more neutral and calming now, but it doesn't feel like we've done a ton in here.  

Some of the things I'd still like to work on here are the following:

Get the bed frame cleaned and installed.  I think this is pretty self-explanatory.

Decide on decor for the walls.  Because I just want to.

Do something with the window in the bathroom.  Part of me wants to have curtains and the other part of me thinks not in the bathroom.  What I think would be really great would be to have the window frosted for some privacy.  I love to have the natural light coming in, but can't handle the blinds being opened where you can see in.  In the grand scheme of things though, this is pretty low on my house list.

Our guest bedroom is up next.  And if you loved the before photos of the master, you'll really love this one.  (Spoiler alert:  wall decals)

Until then!


  1. Such a lovely makeover! Pink would be so hard to live with! And then a purple bathroom!? I love the updates/changes you made!

  2. These are great makeovers!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  3. Love the paint colors your chose! And your bedding is gorgeous!

  4. I love the bedding, and the shelves above the tub :)


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