Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bedroom Decor Ideas: Guest Post from Yorkshire Linen

Since we're in the business of home updates around here, I thought it would be a great time to share a lovely reader post!  Today, I'm happy to share a post with you from Kathy Joe.  Kathy Joe blogs over at Yorkshire Linen and comes to us all the way from the UK.  Kathy Joe writes about all kinds of decor and DIY ideas and today she is sharing tips to update your bedroom to create a pretty, cozy, and unique space!

Hi my name is Kathy Joe and I have a never ending passion for home decor. It gives me an outlet to explore my creativity and polish my instincts. I am so happy to be guest posting here. You can say hello to me here.

8 Ways to Achieve a Pretty Bedroom - with curtains and more
What most of us look for in a bedroom is a place to sleep, somewhere to be private and alone and a place to keep the things that we do not want to have on general display elsewhere in the home. It is an added bonus if our private sanctuary can be an attractive and welcoming place too. Bedroom curtains are very important as they provide not only privacy and security, but they add a great opportunity to enhance and extend the décor scheme too. Here is how to make the best of your bedroom so that you have somewhere relaxing and attractive all to yourself at the end of the working day!

Colour Pops
Bursts and spurts of unexpected colour and colours in unusual combinations can create a wonderfully welcoming effect, especially if it is carried through in the bedding, curtains and all the bedroom accessories. This type of colour scheme can save the bedroom from becoming too bland and neutral and provides layers of depth to décor.

Patterns and designs
Do not be scared to introduce swirls and repetitive patterns to your bedroom – but do take care not to overdo it! A little patterning can go a very long way, and the smaller your bedroom is the less busy the pattern should be. However, even a small amount of vivacious design can provide a tremendous boost to a bedroom theme and colour scheme. Patterned curtains are an excellent décor tool as they can transform the room with the simple act of being opened or closed!

Bold Stripe
Stripes are a fabulous way to give your bedroom an injection of colour and liveliness! If you want to make a statement in your room, opt for wide stripes in strongly contrasting, yet harmonious colour to infuse the room with a pretty layering of colour and depth. Curtains can be vertically striped to add height to the room, while horizontal bands stretch out the internal dimensions of the room beautifully. For bold choices of curtains, I strongly recommend Yorkshire Linen Co.

Go for Glamour
Make your bedroom ooze with gorgeous glamour by using sensual fabrics and textures throughout the space. Rich velvet or softly billowing silk curtains help to create your very own private cocoon in which anything can happen.

Strong Contrasts
Make a strikingly attractive room with strong contrasting colours in spacious blocks. Care must be taken not to let this colour scheme get overrun with fussiness – it needs to be calm not busy, so keep patterns to an absolute minimum (and preferably banish them altogether!) This décor style is great for people who abhor fussiness, curls and frills, but want an attractive and appealing décor theme for their bedroom.

Pretty Natural
Most of us love nature – the sweet singing of the birds, the sight of little lambs and calves frolicking in the fields in spring, and the lush tranquil greenery of the countryside gives us a sense of well-being and peace. Bring this feeling home by filling your bedroom with the pleasant sights of the countryside and enhance it further will natural air fresheners and fresh flowers. For decorating my room with fresh flowers, I always opt for Asda Flowers.

Revert to Childhood
Sometimes the ‘grown-up’ world can be a hard and unforgiving place and we just want to escape back into the safe and protected world of our childhoods! Give your bedroom one or two nostalgic touches that recall the best parts of your youth to soften the atmosphere and provide a welcoming and cosy air.

Beautiful bedrooms are achievable, with just a little ingenuity and imagination – all you need is some time, a modest budget and the desire to create the prettiest bedroom ever!

What are your favorite tips?  I love the glamour one; so fun!  Thanks so much, Kathy Joe for sharing!  

I'll be back on Monday to share more updates from our home.  I actually took all the photos of our master bedroom this week and will be working on getting those posted for Monday!  Be sure to stop back by to see how we've changed things!  (spoiler alert:  We didn't keep the walls hot pink...)

Do you have decor or style tips?  Maybe a thrift tip or DIY tutorial to share?  Feel free to contact me for guest post opportunities!  I would love to feature you!  


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