Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Handmade gift tags: Re-purposing scrap paper

Since we're talking about weddings here.  If you've been married, you know how many gift bags you accumulate during all the festivities.  And if you're like us, you save all those in great shape after everything and store them away for future use.

I think we all do this, am I right?  But what about when the bag's gift tag clearly has your name on it?  What then?  You get rid of it of course, but then what about a new tag?  Of course, you can use a sticker tag.   Or, you can gather up some scrap paper, and make a totally custom, handmade, thoughtful little tag of your own.

The most recent bag in question is here:

See?  Perfectly good.  And big enough to fit our wedding gifts.  And since I hoard crafts supplies and scrap paper around here, I was well - equipped for this little project.  

After going through everything, I decided on the remnants of this blue scrapbook paper, this pretty dogwood flower cutout from a magazine and plain white construction paper.

I used my paper cutter to cut them each to the correct width, and then used a glue stick (to prevent a mess) to stick them all together.  I used a one hole punch to make a hole for the bag's handle to go through.

Once you've made your tag, simply untie the handle from inside the bag, string the new tag on and viola!  I really love the way this turned out.  

And I especially love being able to use things that we already have here.  :)  Totally justifies my paper craft collection, right?  ;)


  1. Love all of the uses for scrap book paper :)

  2. What a great idea! This is super cute!

  3. Thanks for linking this great post to my daughter got married a month ago and this would have been very useful tip.. She had gifts everywhere. I'm going to send this link to her anyway..

  4. Oh that really is pretty and so unique. Lovely! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

    1. Thank you for stopping by! I am still making these homemade gift tags! It's such an easy and pretty way to reuse scrap paper!


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