Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Home Tour 2014: A Year Later: Guest Bedroom

Happy Wednesday!  I'm excited to pick the home tour back up this week with our guest bedroom.  In case you've missed the rest of the tour so far, catch up here and here!  Technically, we have 2 guest bedrooms now, but one is also an office, so this is our official, designated guest bedroom.

At this point, I think we've established that the former owners of our home liked bright paint colors.  So it shouldn't really be any surprise that the guest bedroom looked like this when we moved in:
1 green wall, 1 pink wall and 1 striped wall.  The other wall was painted with the yellow color you see in the stripes.  Basically, this is a little girl's dream room. 

We have let this room sit like this for a while, just with furniture because I hadn't decided what color to paint it yet.  We finally settled on Olympic's Lunar Eclipse, and here are the results:

 It's incredible to me how much difference a coat of paint can make.  Many thanks to the hubs who sanded the whole wall with the stripes to avoid them from showing through.  Another thing that really helped with this room was getting the paint + primer in one, so we were able to cover the bright colors with just one coat of paint.  That made me so happy.

Obviously, we didn't do anything too crazy with the decorating in this room.  I would really love to have a beautiful magazine worthy guest room to show you, but we've stuck to pretty regular and comfy here.  And frankly, I really enjoy it.  The spaces that we use more often - aka living room and master are higher priorities to me.  But I am thrilled to have a place to host guests.

There's not a huge to-do list in this room.  But, I do want to re-do those lamps.  (See above on the book shelf...)  We have 2 of them that were being discarded, so they were free to us and are totally functional and helpful.  But, I'm itching to recover that lamp shade and turn both of them into something beautiful.  That's another post for another day though.  :)

And finally, while we're at it, the guest bathroom:
Actually, the decals don't do it for me, but I liked the teal color on the wall.  In the end though, we decided to cover it with something more neutral: 

We also took down the long towel bar and added shelves.  We are currently using an over the door hanger for towels.  I wanted to be able to hang more than one towel and my original thought about adding hooks above the toilet didn't work out.  When I tried, the hooks ended up having to be so high in order that the towels wouldn't drag on the commode, so I just decided to use the over the door hanger.  It's way better.

I think the kitchen might be next on this little tour.  Stay tuned.  :)


  1. I like the changes! and the neutral color in the bathroom! That way you can easily change up if you ever get bored;)

  2. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do for a room! Your guest room looks like a totally different room just by painting it. It looks great! Our guest room is nothing fancy right now either. A bed, nightstand, clock and lamp are the essentials, and that's what we have right now lol. The bathroom looks great too! I want to add some shelves over the toilet in our bathroom too--I love the way it looks.


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