Monday, May 19, 2014

Wedding Weekend Re-cap

Hey there!  Things have been busy as ever and fun as always around here lately!  Hence, why I missed a full week of blogging over here.  We celebrated Mother's Day with a wonderful day of relaxing with family, we had dinner with friends and small group last week, plus a long and drawn out rainstorm, and a fun filled weekend celebrating the marriage of two of our college friends!

We actually have 3 more weddings this summer (2 more this month!) plus our own anniversary coming up, so I hope you'll be alright if we switch gears over here into all things summer and wedding related for a while.
This wedding was a beautiful, traditional, church wedding and the weather was perfect.  Sunny and 75, almost literally.

Of course I didn't snap photos of the ceremony (should have gotten some pics before it started...I know.), and we were way to busy on the dance floor to get too many reception shots.

But of course, we used the in between time to snap a few fun pictures.  And I got to spend some wonderful quality time with these ladies since all of our guys were groomsmen and busy taking photos during the cocktail hour. 

By the way, that dress if from a local thrift store.  You know I like to keep it thrifty.  :) 
I did manage to get one good shot of the happy bride and groom...and the beautiful cake.  So happy and in love.

Oh!  And if the wedding wasn't gorgeous enough, the groom's family hosted a wonderful rehearsal dinner at a local family vineyard.  And the view was simply breathtaking.  Oh, to have that off of your porch everyday!   

Dear friends, we wish you all the best in the whole world!  

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