Thursday, June 12, 2014

Bright summer wreath

Happy Friday (the 13th), friends!  I realize that things have been getting a little personal around here lately.  If you're following along (thank you to all my loyal readers!!) this summer, you've been getting a great look into the day-to-day mini adventures hubs and I have been going on this summer.  And they have definitely been fun.  

Of course, if you tune in here for the crafts and recipes, maybe you're thinking this summer's blogging has been a little eh...

And either way, I'm just thankful that you all stay tuned in over here at Thrift for Today.  The truth is, we just haven't been tackling a lot of new projects around here lately.  We've been celebrating marriage and the marriages of our friends.  We've slowly been doing some yard work, but nothing to post about...yet. ;)  We've been getting to know our neighbors more and more, which mostly includes walks around the neighborhood and late night talks in fold out chairs on the lawn.  We've been working.  We've been developing relationships with our small group and learning more about being leaders.  And that stuff doesn't always get photographed.  But boy, isn't that the good stuff?  

All of that said, I did recently tackle a quick project for the front door with this little summer wreath:  

For this project, I just picked up a grapevine wreath and three bushes of bright summer flowers.  I cut the flowers off of the stems using scissors (and pliers for some of the ones lower down in the bush that had metal in the stem.  

All the materials are below, sans scissors, pliers, and hot glue gun.  You definitely need those, too.  

Once I had all the flowers cut off the stems, I simply laid them out on the wreath and went to work with the glue gun, fastening them in place.  I tied a quick silver ribbon on the top to hook it to the wreath hanger on the door and voila!  A little summer on the front door.  That was easy enough.  

I also added the left over flowers to the spray painted jars on the mantel, but I can't decide if they look cheesy or not, so they may be going into a craft drawer soon.  We shall see.  

What quick projects have you been working on this summer?  


  1. I didn't even notice it was Friday the 13th till now! :) CUTE wreath! I've been wanting a summery floral one for our home! xx

  2. I love the wreath, and it seems like such an easy DIY that I might need to make one too! I like the flowers in the vase, and I really like both vases, too!!

    xo Always, Abby

  3. Your wreathis so pretty, prefect for the summer! Thanks for stopping by my party.. Have a great week Maria

  4. Love that wreath--super cute and perfect for summer!

  5. Aww...I love how cute this is!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  6. Beautiful wreath! Love the colors! Thanks for sharing on the Monday Funday Party!


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