Monday, June 2, 2014

Wedding Weekend 2 + Memorial Day Re-cap

I blog on the weekends.  It's the time when I have time to sit down, think, write, move photos onto the computer, etc.  And then sometimes, we travel every weekend and the blog goes blank and I'm basically MIA in blogland.

Since the last post, we've been to 2 weddings, celebrated Memorial Day with some of our family, and bid farewell to May.  June, where in the world did you come from?!  We've had a great time the last couple of weeks.  All the weddings have been so fun, so beautiful and have captured each of the couples wonderfully!  It has been a real treat to be a part of all these celebrations!

Wedding #2 was a beautiful lakeside wedding on probably one of the most beautiful days of the year.  The sun was shining, but we were in the shade and the water was the perfect backdrop.

And unfortunately, I wasn't able to get tons of photos, so you'll just have to trust me on how nice everything was.  The bride wore her mom's gown, which I thought was totally special and gorgeous.  And the reception was garden party themed.  I'm so sad I didn't have any pictures to show it off.  

The sunset was even more beautiful.  

After the wedding, we headed a few more hours away to meet some of the fam at the beach for a fun-filled day at sea.  

We took a dolphin cruise (something I've never done before) out into the ocean in search of dolphins (obviously).  The cruise company guaranteed dolphin sightings meaning that if we didn't see any, we could use our tickets for another ride.  I was secretly hoping the ENTIRE time that we wouldn't see dolphins.  Mostly because I love being on the water, and the idea of another trip sounded pretty fun.  

As it turns out though, we did end up seeing dolphins.  And it was pretty fun.  But they move WAY too fast for good photos.  

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