Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wedding Weekend 3: Southern DIY

Well, we've finished the wedding whirlwind for the summer so far.  And what a fun ride it has been!  Our last wedding of May certainly did not disappoint.

The wedding took place in a beautiful old church and then moved to an old, recently renovated mill for a good old southern reception.

Every little detail was perfectly put together and so fitting for the bride and groom.

Simple white linens covered the tables with a burlap runner and books that doubled as centerpieces and table numbers.  (The bride is in graduate school for library sciences.)

Is that adorable or what?  Oh, and the mason jars!  This was the second wedding of the summer with mason jars, and dare I say that the tea is just a tad sweeter from those little jars?  

One of my favorite parts of the venue was all of the brick.  When they renovated the mill, they left all the brick exposed inside and it definitely added so much character and charm.

And of course, the 3 most important beverages for a southern event:  sweet tea, ice water, and old fashioned lemonade.

 Don't you love the chalkboard labels?!  What I didn't get a great photo of at this wedding was the food: Barbecue chicken, pulled pork, veggies, mac & cheese, and some of the best banana pudding I have ever had in my life.  I think I ate enough for the whole weekend in just the reception dinner.  Kidding, kind of.

 And one with the happy couple.  We love y'all and wish you a lifetime of happiness!!

And while we don't have another wedding to go to this weekend, by baby brother in-law is graduating high school today (!!!!)  and Father's Day is Sunday, so we've still got lots to celebrate!

This is turning into quite the little summer!

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  1. Oh my goodness! Everything was adorable. Looks like such a great time! I love the book centerpieces.


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