Monday, September 8, 2014

Movie Night - The Giver

Y'all.  It has been a minute since I've posted on this old blog.  Frankly, I think I liked the photo of the salmon so much, I just wanted to keep it at the top of the blog a little longer.  ha.  The truth is, lately, when I've come home from work I haven't wanted to even turn on a computer and I'm ok with that.

Of course, the problem with that is that I don't get around to blog email, posting, comments, social media, etc.  But don't you worry your pretty little heads, things are fun over here and I'm happy to share some of it with you.

This is from a couple of weekends ago - hubs and I went to see The Giver in theaters and had a blast!
But first of course, I needed to settle in with some ice cream and read the book.

We never go to the movies.  They are just so expensive.  Anybody agree?  We bought 2 tickets, 2 drinks, and popcorn to share and would have spent $40 if it weren't for a lovely gift card from a Christmas gift.  We're happy to just wait for it to go to Redbox and watch at home.  

But, since we never go, this felt like a special little treat and we really had fun.  

Don't worry!  We waited until after the movie to take a selfie with the flash.  ;)

And one (kind of) with the movie poster!

We really enjoyed this movie.  We've been holding on to our gift card for a fun movie that we'll both like (aka not chick flick or crazy action movie...but a happy medium) and I was excited when The Giver came out.  

Since I had just read the book though, I definitely found myself within the first 15 minutes thinking, "Wait, that's not the same!"  But, I realize that it's hard to capture ALL of the book in a movie and overall, I think it did a good job of sticking to the themes of the book, which is what I think matters the most.  

It was only an hour and a half though, so it ended WAY sooner than I expected it to...and kind of abruptly.  I wish there was a better ending for the movie.  

Overall though, what a fun night.  So thankful for gift cards that encourage us to do things out of the ordinary and for a sweet husband who makes a point to take me out on dates.  


  1. I saw this the other week with my boyfriend and I felt the same as you... not quite what I wanted since I loved the book, but good enough. The ending could have definitely been better, though! I'm glad to see you enjoyed a sweet date night! :)

    xo Always, Abby

  2. We used to go to the movies almost every weekend...but it got way too expensive! We still go about once a month or so when something comes out we really want to see, but we try to be as frugal as possible! We share a large drink, since we get free refills (we never have to refill it anyway). Our movie theaters have a rewards card where you earn points when you buy tickets, so every once in a while we get a free drink or popcorn or tickets from that. And our theater also has a popcorn bucket you buy, which totally pays for itself in about 2 or 3 uses! AND we usually go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, since ticket prices are a little cheaper than in the evening :)


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