Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Diversifying my palette: My first time eating Indian food

This may come as a little bit of a surprise, but I am a pretty predictable eater.  I wouldn't call myself particularly picky, but I definitely do not always go out of my way to try new things.  

But, a co-worker of mine took a trip to India this past summer and when she came back one of our Indian friends suggested that we go get Indian food one afternoon during lunch.  I'd never had it (although for a few of my friends, it's their favorite kind of food), so we all decided it would be a fun little treat.  

And then a couple of months went by, but we didn't get Indian food.  

And then finally, last week, we put it on our calendars and just like that, we had firm plans to get lunch at a local Indian restaurant.  So, obviously I took some pics to commemorate the occasion.  (Remember I'm trying to take more photos these days.)

Our friend was so kind to explain all the different kinds of food and in what region of the country they are most common.

For my meal, I picked Saag Chicken, which was described as chicken tawa cooked with spinach and mild Indian spices.  I also got to try chicken chettinad, lentil fritters, and tikki masala.  Suffice it to say my little taste buds were going crazy and I was stuffed after.  But it was so good.  

I'll definitely be eating it again in my future.  

What's something you've been meaning to try?  Or someone you've been meaning to catch up with?  It really is as easy sometimes as just writing it on the calendar!  Do it today!

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