Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekending: Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Monday, friends!  I cannot even believe that Thanksgiving is this week; the year is going by so quickly!  I know I've been a little MIA around here.  The past few weeks have been go go go.  We were able to have some friends from our Bible Study over on Saturday night for a mini Thanksgiving dinner.  

We have dinner with these friends once a week, but I was really excited to cook some traditional Thanksgiving food.  

I cooked a 15 lb. turkey that turned out delicious (which I was REALLY nervous about since I didn't stuff it with anything), classic green bean casserole, and corn pudding.  

I also made gravy with the left over turkey juice, flour, and Worcestershire sauce that didn't make the photo.  

Our friends bought the desserts, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce.  I cannot even tell you how happy it made me to have a kitchen full of all this yummy food.  

We also took out the Christmas decorations, but we've made about no progress in getting them put out.  Honestly, as excited as I am about putting up the tree, I am in a little bit of denial that the holidays are already here.  Really, time.  Please slow down.   

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  1. I'm planning to put up our Christmas decorations this weekend...but I agree--I can't believe the holidays are already here!


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