Monday, January 12, 2015

Painting the laundry room (and other house projects for the new year)

We've got lots of lists around here.  We've got personal goals lists, we've got a family goals list, and we've got a house goals list.

The personal and family goals list tend to take precedent, but I did take some time to sit down and make a list of all the things I'd like to do and projects I'd like to tackle around the house.  These are in order (yet) and won't all get done this year, but I like having them written down.  And since I've shared the rest of the house work here with you, I'm excited to share the laundry room update with you as well.

This came as a somewhat spontaneous decision a couple Saturdays ago when we had just gotten home from a family snow tubing trip to the mountains.  Since one of my bro-in-laws was at the house, and was going to stay for some NFL playoff games, I took the opportunity of having two strong men that could move a washer and dryer to get this checked off our list.  

First of all, I should be clear that there is/was nothing wrong with the laundry room.  It was off white and had white shelves that were built in by the previous owners (and I am very thankful for them).  But, we haven't moved the W/D since moving in, meaning there was tons of dust on the floor underneath, and the off white walls were just starting to be scratched and dirty looking.  But most importantly, I just wanted it to have a fresh coat of cheery paint.  

So, I grabbed some of the paint we had at the house and got to work.  In total, this took about 3 hours to complete, which was perfect since that's about the amount of football that was being watched downstairs.  And apparently, I got paint in my hair?  Not sure how that happened, but thankful that the hubs snapped this in progress picture as evidence.  

And there it is before moving the things back.  It is incredible to me what a fresh coat of paint will do for a space.  

Even a working space, like a laundry room. It also incredible what a wet rag and a broom will do on a floor that has been covered by heavy machinery for years will do...

I am just in love with this new cheery space, and that's a good thing since there is a pile of laundry to be done.  :)

Also on our home to-do list are: 

Re-paint the deck.  Which just needs to be done to protect it. 

Build built-in bookshelves in our living room.  Which I expect to be quite the little project. 

Hang the ceiling fan on our very tall, very sloped living room ceiling.  But we've just got to. 

Finish the garage.  I'm really itching to build some shelves in that space and get it looking more organized.  We make a point to not store a lot out there, but I would really like to have the things that are stored out there to have a proper home.  

Get new screen doors.  

Install new master bath fan.  Not because we don't have one, but because I like to take really hot showers, and I'd like a quieter and stronger one to help get rid of more of the condensation before it drips and streaks down the walls.  

Install an overhead light in guest bedroom.  We'll need an electrician for this.  

Landscaping.  This is a low priority, but it would be awesome.

Not sure what we'll tackle next.  Maybe the ceiling fan, since we have it, and just need to hang it.  I'll keep you posted though.  :)


  1. Its crazy how just a coat of fresh paint can really liven up a space! This little area would make me want to do my wash! :)

    tattered to taylored

    1. It really does make washing more fun when you love the space!

  2. I love the blue, it turned out great! Painting the laundry room is on my list of to dos as well! Ours is dark, but I would love to get a bright/light Color like this in there!

    1. Thanks so much! I knew it would look better brighter, but I was shocked at the huge difference it made!

  3. It's crazy how paint ends up on us even after working so hard to keep it off. The fresh coat of paint is very pretty and it's great that you got it done on the fly.

    1. I know! I had no idea that it was in my hair until after I saw the photo! Thanks so much; I was glad to have been able to mark something off the list so early into the new year!

  4. This turned out really great! Wow!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  5. I love the blue paint color! And the after looks so good. You guys did a great job!

  6. What a great job on your laundry room, very inspiring gets me going to do mine. I'm building a home and It got me thinking shelves is important in a laundry room to give it some common sense factor. Love if your share this on Fabulous Friday Party

  7. Oh my gosh that blue adds so much to your laundry space! Also that shoe storage organizer is genius. Hope you had a great weekend, doll!


  8. Last time you posted a great laundry room re do, Stop by Fabulous Friday Party again and post another project or recipe.
    Thanks Maria


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