Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snow day

Where in the world is Thrift for Today these days?  Oh, you know, a little here a little there.  In reality though, I feel like we have been running around like crazy the last couple of weeks and I have literally just decided to go to bed once we're done with everything at night rather than turn on the computer, much less write a decent blog post.

We have been spending lots of time with family and friends on the weekends, which has been fun and wonderful.  And yesterday we had a "snow" day, which was actually a light dusting covered in a sheet of ice day so everything was closed down.  I loved the day because I had lots of time to relax.  It was so icy out, so not fun snow.  We cleared the driveway and went for a walk around the neighborhood, so there was a little productivity, I suppose.

Save this freezing cold week, we've been having pretty mild winter weather this season, so I've been able to get away with layering and scarves.

I recently found this neutral animal print tee on a clearance rack and it has been the perfect tee to layer with this long brown cardigan.  Because let's be honest, I love a good long cardigan.  

Of course my favorite thing to pair with anything is a good pair of skinnies and a pashmina scarf.  Comfy, casual, but still put together.  

And that's that. I'm freezing over here, y'all.  So ready for spring.  Did it snow where you are?  How about ice?  What are your favorite things to do on a snow day?  


  1. We don't have snow days! I have yet to move to a place where there is actual snow. I'd imagine though that we'll just stay in bed all day watching stuff on Netflix :)


  2. Cute outfit, and really like that bracelet.
    We had a little snow here.. not much though, but it was nice seeing
    everything covered in white.. always so pretty!
    It is melting off already so I guess now that we got a little snow, I think i am ready for spring. :0)
    Have a great day. -Tina

  3. What a lovely outfit! Waterfall cardigans like that are my FAVORITE! They just look so feminine and elegant. They match your boots perfectly too!


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