Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What I wore: navy and ballet flats

Remember when I said we had a really mild winter (save of course the crazy two weeks of snow and a few other freezing days here and there)?  

This is one of my favorite outfits from that.  Many thanks to hubs for entertaining the backyard photo shoots so that I can be reminded that I really do have outfits that I love.  (Helpful on days when I just want to go shopping...)

Although, this is a new sweater this season.  I picked it up at LOFT Outlet over Thanksgiving and LOVE it so much.  It is so nice and soft and I just want to wear it everyday.  Ok, not everyday, but kind of everyday.  I love the color, the stripes on the bottom, the fit....everything about it.  

And did I tell you how soft it was?  Literally, so comfy.  It was on the clearance rack and I'm so happy that it came home with me.  

And of course, what else would I be wearing it with other than my favorite skinnies from the Nordstrom anniversary sale back in 2010-ish...yes, I've had them that long.  I've had to sew a couple of holes, but other than that, they have held up like champs.  

Finally, my new-er flats are from Target and go with everything.  My sunglasses are Nine West via TJ Maxx and my necklace is from Blue Nile and I wear it everyday.  

Y'all spring is coming.  I know I've said it before, but can I get a little hallelujah over here?  

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