Monday, June 8, 2015

Babymoon: part 1 - Fountain of Youth, St. Augustine

We didn't take a big vacation last year and decided early on that we would take an awesome vacation this year in 2015.  We didn't have big plans, but there are definitely some things that I've learned that I wanted to do.  I loved Savannah when we went in 2013 and I love anywhere (at least anywhere I've been) in the Caribbean.  I also knew that I wanted our vacation to be all-inclusive if we could because let's be real, it is so nice to feel pampered and totally spoiled while you're on vacation.  

When we found out in January that we were expecting, we knew that we needed to push the timeline for vacation up significantly and ended up booking a cruise when I would be at 20 weeks.  It ended up being the perfect time to travel.  

Our cruise left from Tampa, so we drove down to Florida the day before.  Through a fun little turn of events (hotel being overbooked and us not finding out until 10:00PM when we arrived and getting a free upgrade, but 45 minutes away), we ended up spending the night in St. Augustine.  I had never been there, but when we arrived I realized that our hotel was about half a mile from a trolley stop.  

So, the next morning instead of hitting the road so quickly, we took advantage of the hotel breakfast, walked to the trolley stop to get some ideas about things we could do around the city.  We decided on the Fountain of Youth historical park.  

The Fountain of Youth is the cite where Ponce de Leon explored in 1513 and was later settled in 1565.  The archaeological park is full of historic things and exhibits, but is easily walkable in a few hours.  Perfect for pregnancy.

A white peacock!  I thought he was so pretty!  He did not like that little bird though, and opened full feathers to get the other bird away.

I was so excited for our little detour!  It was an unexpected turn of events for sure, but it ended up being a little pre-vacation.  I thought St. Augustine was a wonderfully cute and fun city and I easily could have spent longer there if we didn't have a cruise to catch the next morning, 

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  1. I would love to go to St. Augustine and Savannah for that matter! :) I tried to convince my husband to go to St. Augustine for our Babymoon, but he's a goer and wasn't convinced there'd be enough to do!


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