Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Maternity Style: White deconstructed jeans

Maternity them and hate them.  Love getting new clothes.  Hate HAVING to buy new clothes.  I am really fortunate though to have a few girlfriends that have had kids in the last couple of years with maternity clothes sitting in their closets, so I've been able to borrow a lot of what I'm wearing these days and buy things that I love when I find them on sale.  

I put off getting any maternity clothes as long as I could.  And then one day I was at work and actually had to sit with my jeans unbuttoned.  That's when I knew.  But honestly, it was so discouraging to see how expensive full priced clothes can be and to feel like you don't want to spend that much on them, but you also have to have clothes to wear.

So I borrowed almost all of my clothes.  I've bought several things myself, but I have been able to put away the stress of HAVING to go shop.  I packed away almost all of the clothes in my closet that don't fit anymore so I wouldn't confuse them and have replaced them with a nice little mix of my things and my friends' things for now.  

It's actually been really nice to have fewer clothes in my closet and I think that once I'm back into my old clothes, I am going to be much more selective about what goes back in.  

One thing I bought early on before our cruise was these sandals.  They're Crocs Really Sexi sandal and I LOVE them.  They have been so good to my feet and I wear them almost everyday.  I love cute shoes, but I really am loving some comfort these days.  And frankly, I think these are cute.  

This outfit is a good little mix of mine and borrowed.  White deconstructed jeans (big deal because these are my first white jeans - behind the times, I know.  AND my first pair of deconstructed jeans) are mine from Destination Maternity.  The top is borrowed from a friend from Old Navy.  This was a fun outift for the office in the summer time.  

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of what I wore posts - especially with the babe...and to show off some of my friends' good fashion sense.  (I can say that since they picked the clothes out...)  

Also, I see white jeans in my non-maternity closet next summer for sure.  

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