Friday, June 19, 2015

Summer date: Strawberry Picking

Does anyone else love a good date night/day?  I love when hubs plans a fun date for us, but I also realize that the burden shouldn't totally be on him to always come up with ideas for us.  I recently made a list for us of fun date ideas for the summer of things I would like to do and places I'd like to go.  These are all things that are local to us because the summer weekends pile up so quickly with traveling and other events that I really enjoy spending time close to home.  

I plan on creating a full post of all the fun dates that we've got planned for the summer - especially since they were planned to be local, simple, and relatively inexpensive.  Spoiler alert:  they are mostly fun things that we forget about doing, but that are really fun when we can do together. 

Recently, we checked off the first of our summer date list ideas - picking strawberries at a local farm!  We have actually never been to pick strawberries or any fruit together and it was a fun way to spend an early Saturday morning before it got too hot in the day.

Because we waited until June to pick, the berries were a little limited to be honest.  We really had to search for some good ones since it's getting close to the end of the harvest.  But, we managed to make it through and found some really good, fresh berries to bring home.  Props to the hubs for the photos on this date.  He knew I'd like to blog about it and wanted to be sure it I had good photos.  Love him!

We ended up with a full box lid of berries to take home for part two of our date - making a cheesecake!  Another thing I'd never tried to do before, but have been wanting to.  I actually got a spring form pan for Christmas that had been just waiting to be used.

It turned out to be delicious.  (Recipe forthcoming)  We had such a fun and perfect morning.  We followed this little date with home chores, lunch with family, and a fun afternoon with friends.  

Normal things really can be the best things when you do them intentionally with people that you love.  

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