Thursday, June 4, 2015

The pregnant life thus far

I'll be honest.  When we first found out we were pregnant, I immediately thought of how fun it would be to document weekly updates and happenings.  I was going to take a picture each week and even though I wasn't planning on sharing it publicly on the blog until we'd told all of our family and friends personally, I would still have these. 

Except it didn't happen.  The weeks went by so quickly.  And then I was all of a sudden 25 weeks pregnant.  I thought I'd do a little recap though of my experience so far.

The first 10 weeks
What a whirlwind.   Our pregnancy came as a surprise to us.  We wanted to be pregnant, but I did not expect that I was until I counted days on my calendar and realized that I could be.  I didn't have any symptoms, but thought I should pick up a test to be safe.  I did and it was positive.  I emailed my doctor right away (I was actually scheduled to go in anyway later that week) to ask if I could come in for a blood test to be sure.  A girl's got to know for sure, am I right?  A couple days later, the nurse called to say that I was definitely pregnant.  I was over the moon.  

And then I was really nervous.  I wanted to be sure to do everything I could to keep this little growing babe safe and healthy, but I wasn't totally sure how.  

We went to the doctor at 8 weeks and got to see the little jelly bean growing and see the heart beating and the doctor assured me that everything was healthy.  This was probably one of the most exciting days.  It was a little bit surreal to be honest to see that little babe growing.  

This was also a weird time though.  I had lots of symptoms, but none of which were really terrible.  The most defining characteristic for me was just exhaustion.  Total exhaustion.  Like, by 3:00 in the afternoon, I was hitting a brick wall.  I got sick probably a total of about 5 times - always at night, always at home and never anything crazy at work or out in public.  I am so thankful for that.  

The second 10 weeks
At about 11 weeks, all of my sickness subsided, and I was feeling much more energetic.  Like a whole new person.  It was relieving and nerve wracking all at once.  I didn't love feeling tired, but when I knew it was for the babe, it made it better.  When I didn't feel anything it made me nervous.  I counted down to every doctor visit just to know things were okay. 

We had already told our families and bible study friends early because I wanted them to be praying with us for the baby.  After 11 weeks, we started telling more friends, which started making it feel more and more real.  

We also found out the gender of the babe just before 20 weeks and before heading out on our babymoon (next post!), which was a super highlight.  

13 weeks - aka the last time those jeans fit...

The most recent 5 weeks
I've been actually feeling really great these days.  After we found out the gender, we set off on a little flurry of celebrations.  My sister's birthday was the same weekend, we took a week off for the babymoon the next week, traveled to my brother's graduation the next weekend, and then had TWO gender reveal parties in one weekend.  (After that we stayed home for a weekend...)

I've been really trying to not take for granted all the days when I feel great.  It's most days these days.  I'm showing a lot, so there is no question that I'm pregnant, but I've got lots of energy, I don't feel uncomfortable, and the babe is starting to move around more frequently which is so exciting and comforting to me.  I know I'll continue getting bigger as the weather continues getting warmer (here's to being pregnant the whole summer!), so I really want to bask in these days of comfort while I can.  

I also made a little date night list for the hubs and I so that we can make the most of our last summer of just the two of us.  

And I think that's where we're at.  Later, I'll share pics from all those celebrations I mentioned earlier, then we'll get back to our regularly scheduled Thrift for Today posts.  There is just so much to catch up on.  

Stay tuned....


  1. You look beautiful - and I had no idea you were pregnant! Shows you what a good blogger I am lol Enjoy the ride, mama...motherhood is amazing (and challenging)...but mostly just amazing :)

    1. You are so sweet! It's hard to keep up in blog land sometimes! I appreciate your encouragement!

  2. I'm so glad you've had a good, easy pregnancy! I had the morning sickness really bad up until Weeks 16/17, but since then it's been smooth sailing! Are you going to share the gender?


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