Sunday, August 16, 2015

Product Reviews: Sunshine VoxBox from #Influenster

Y'all.  I've been missing - again from blogland over here.  Things have been busy as ever and fun as always as we start to wrap things up over here before the babe makes his grand arrival.  One of the perks of these last few weeks though, has been some of the awesome mail days we've been able to come home to.  Sometimes from my online shopping, others from gifts being delivered (thanks, friends!) and one afternoon, thanks to #influenster!

I have been using influenster for a while now and just love when I get an email that I've qualified to test new products for review.  Recently, I got a great #voxbox filled with all sorts of summertime goodies and let me tell you - I have certainly enjoyed testing them over the last few weeks.

As you can see, this box was PACKED with all sorts of little treats.  Now that I've had some time to test them, I figured I'd share my thoughts with you all.  Of course, I received this box for free, but all the opinions are solely mine.  I've linked up each product below as well, if you'd like to check them out.  

So without further ado - the #sunshinevoxbox:  

This one is the perfect on-the-go moisturizer for your beach or pool bag.  It is easy to use, the caps hasn't clogged on me yet and it leaves your skin nice and soft in just seconds.  It absorbs quickly into your skin and has a light, gentle scent.  I still prefer using my lotion in the mornings after I get out of the shower, but this is a great pick me up after being out in the sun or if you are in a rush.

Super lightweight, easy to use and has kept my hair silky smooth and frizz free each time I've used it.  I liked this product a lot in that it didn't feel like it left my hair oily or greasy - just the right amount of softness, which is hard to find sometimes with leave in products.  It doesn't have a strong smell either which I really appreciated.  

This was another product that I had not heard about. I've been using witch hazel with cotton balls to tone my skin and for after sun care for a while, but I had not seen or tried any facial wipes before.  I've found these to work really well and have even let the hubs try one of them since he also uses witch hazel to clean his face from time to time.  I like these a lot, but I think you should be careful with them if you try to use them as a replacement for your regular make up removal wipes.  Most wipes that are strictly for makeup removal help with mascara and eye makeup, aka are safe near your eyes.  You do not want to get witch hazel in your eyes.  I don't think it will make you go blind, but it might make your face burn for a minute or two.  Just a word to the wise...

Who doesn't love new nail polish.  I tend to stick to the pinks/reds/corals/neutral tones for my nail polish, but I was excited to try this one in a purple tint. Honestly, I loved it so much and plan on another mani in the next few weeks with it.  Southern Belle had just the right amount of a magenta undertone in the purple to be fun, but still office appropriate. My mani was pretty quick and I didn't use a base or top coat, so it was wearing off in about 3 days.  I think that's to be expected though?  I checked the polish website and it looks like they've got a new top coat out, so if you take the time to do a good mani, I don't see why this wouldn't last several days.  Also, let's be real. It's hard to beat the price of the Sinful Colors polish.  

Technically, there was a coupon to try a free bag of this snacking chocolate in the box, which I was glad for so I could pick out my own flavor.  But now, I know there are so many flavors so I want to try them all.  I tried the dark chocolate mint and it was AMAZING.  Loved it and was sad to run out after snacking on it for several days.  This really is great snacking chocolate and they come in so many flavors - I know you could find one that you like.  They aren't carried in all grocery stores though, so you have to search them out for now.  I got mine from Harris Teeter and there are several other stores that carry them - just not all stores. See their website (linked above) for more info.  

To be honest, not my favorite.  I'm not sure I totally get the sriracha craze.  That said, they are certainly not my least favorite snack in the world.  They are happy, spicy, and healthy so I'd say they are a great little on the go snack.  Mine were a little afternoon in between meals hold-me-over snack and I liked them fine.  Just not my all time favorite.  If you like sriracha, though - you should give these little things a try.  Maybe you'll love them!

And folks, that's it.  All that goodness wrapped up in one little voxbox.  And it made for one happy mama [to be].  

I'm hoping to do a pregnancy and nursery update soon - when I have time make time to get on the laptop at home and/or to take some good photos to show.  

Promise, I'm giving it my best shot, folks.  


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  1. Aren't VoxBoxes the most fun surprise to receive in the mail?! I just get giddy! I LOVE those Sriacha almonds, i'm salivating just thinking about them! but i'm in the sriacha obsessed club ;)



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